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RD Connection Broker, Web Access and Gateway certificates expired.

Open your Server Manager and go to Remote Desktop Services.

Click on Tasks, Edit Deployment Properties.

Click on Certificates.

If any of these are expired, I am going to show you how to get them up to date.
Now we need to get into the certificate store. If you haven't already created an MMC for your certificates, it's a good idea to do that now. Otherwise you can go to Run and type certlm.msc and hit enter.
Otherwise, start a new MMC (Start ---> Type MMC) or add it to your existing one. 
File, Add/Remove Snap In

Highlight Certificates and click Add.

Next I chose Computer Account

Select Local Computer.

Now hit Finish and OK.

Expand Personal, select Certificates.

Right-click the certificate you would like to use, choose All Tasks, Export.

Click Next

Choose Yes, export the private key. Click Next.

You can leave this as is. Click Next.

This next step is up to you. You can protect it with your own unique password or choose Group or user names and assuming you're logged in, i…

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